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About Us

Chutzpa Productions Inc. was created in 1999 by documentary filmmaker Igal Hecht. Chutzpa Productions Inc. is an award-winning multimedia production company that specializes in the production and creation and delivery of high-profile documentary films, television series, and narrative films. Chutzpa Productions films and television series have been showcased around the world on such platforms as Netflix, BBC, Prime, CBC, Documentary, YESTV, and Vice TV among many others. Today, Chutzpa Productions Inc. continues to set the standard when it comes to production and storytelling.



Sergey Maydin is a Director of Photography who works all over the world and currently resides in Canada. Originally from Russia, Sergey moved to Israel when he was 9 years old. Throughout his 12 year career Sergey has filmed television shows, documentary films and narrative films in Israel, Canada and Russia. Sergey is the director of photography for season 1 of Path to Creation.



Julian Hoffman is a screenwriter and editor. He graduated from York University's esteemed screenwriting program in 2018. He most recently directed the award-winning short Revenge of the Slasher (2018), which is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Additionally, Julian spent many years on YouTube running his highly popular parody channel Jhofffilms which landed him an opportunity to work alongside Grammy award-winning heavy metal bands such as Slayer, Ghost, and many more. Julian is currently working alongside Igal Hecht as an editor and occasional cinematographer on Path to Creation.





Jean-Pierre Joubert is a Toronto-based filmmaker who was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since immigrating to Toronto, he has studied Film and Television at York University and holds a BFA. Jean-Pierre has worked for companies such as Discovery Channel, Global, Rogers, YES TV, Canadian Business Development Corporation, Slice TV, Food Network, Breakthrough Films, Alliance Atlantis, The Pet Network, BPM TV and others.  He has worked on Films and Television ranging from Documentary to Animation to Drama to Music Videos & Experimental and has written, Produced, and Directed several award-winning films including ‘The Devil’s in the Details’ (2009). Jean-Pierre is the Director of Photography for Path To Creation.


In 1999, Igal Hecht created Chutzpa Productions Inc. His award-winning films have been described as controversial and thought-provoking. His films have dealt with human rights issues to pop culture. Throughout his twenty-year career, Igal Hecht has been involved in the production of over 60 documentary films and over twenty television series. Igal's films and television series have been screened nationally and internationally on Netflix, BBC, Documentary Channel, CBC, YES-TV (Canada), HBO Europe, Vice TV, and many others.  As of 2022, Igal Hecht continues to work on numerous projects (which includes a slate of films and television series) and is often found collaborating with filmmakers and other artists from around the world on a variety of subject matter and programs.




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