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24min   |   English   |  Igal Hecht

A Toronto recording artist who's making big waves north of the border. Raz stays true to his hometown, representing Toronto in almost all of his music. He has the hunger to change the rap game and popularize his vision of alternative hip hop. When COVID hit, Rabin found himself in stuck L.A. where embarked on a spiritual journey that he infused into his music. Aside from a few vocal lessons, Rabin is a musical autodidact who developed his songwriting and recording skills by studying the art of others. However, he has worked out his own unique style.

Rather than forcing his music, Rabin lets the inspiration flow, eliciting powerful dynamic energy. Rabin’s music encourages people to fearlessly take chances regarding travel and pursuing their goals. Getaway, one of Rabin’s strongest tracks, is inspired by his life-changing experience of backpacking around the world for four months. The song’s riveting video was shot in Portugal and features clips of Rabin exploring old castles and purchasing tourist maps. In another video, Nightcrawler, which Rabin filmed himself, depicts Sam Kantor, a well-known actor, making his way through Toronto.

Raz Rabin
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