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24min   |   English   |  Igal Hecht

Lorie Wolf is a Toronto-based Drummer, Composer, and Educator.  She has collaborated as a bandleader and sidelined with many wonderful artists such as Don Thompson, George Koller, Fern Lindzon, Lenka Lichtenberg, David Buchbinder, Tania Gill, Lina Allemano, Aviva Chernik, Dave Wall, Rebecca Hennessey, Frank London, and others.   Lorie studied Jazz drumming world-renowned teacher, Jim Blackley, and more recently, New York's Dan Weiss.  As a student at Toronto's Humber College Lorie was chosen to fill the drum chair with the Sisters in Jazz project, mentored by New York drummer, Allison Miller.  Lorie has also studied South Indian Percussion extensively with Tricky Sankaran and was awarded two scholarships at York University, where she earned her BFA.  As a member of Sisters of Sheynville, Lorie was awarded a Canadian Folk Music Award Lorie is currently working on her new project, Queen Kong, which she put together to document her long-standing musical vision of putting together Toronto's top improvisers to play original compositions inspired by Klezmer, Jazz, and everything John Zorn.

Lorie Wolf
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