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24min   |   English   |  Igal Hecht

Ho Che Anderson is the Toronto, Ont.-based author of numerous graphic novels, including the Martin Luther King biography, King, and the horror-thriller Sand & Fury. His 2018 book, Godhead, is a gritty sci-fi graphic novel about how society reacts after a powerful corporation creates a device to communicate with God. Born in London, England, in 1969, Anderson was given his unusual name by his father, a politically active Jamaican immigrant (little is known about his mother). The name honors both North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh and Cuban Communist revolutionary Che Guevara. The family moved to suburban Toronto, Ontario, Canada when Anderson was young. Growing up in a predominantly white area, Anderson benefited from his father's belief that blacks should not be limited by societal expectations.

Ho Che Anderson
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