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Elias Dummer is a Canadian musician, songwriter, and writer based in Tennessee. He was the principal songwriter, founding member, lead singer, and pianist in the contemporary Christian band The City Harmonic, from 2009 until 2017, and released his first solo music in over a decade in 2019. Dummer started The City Harmonic with guitarist Aaron Powell, bassist Eric Fusilier, and drummer Joshua Vanderlaan in 2009 after they served together as the house worship band for an inter-denominational event for students focused on "worship and mission" called CrossCulture. Dummer's song "Manifesto" became the walkup song for baseball player Seth Smith,[7] and served as the theme song for 2011's National Day of Prayer.  In 2015, Dummer co-produced We Are The City Harmonic, a documentary about the social impact of churches working together in Hamilton. In November 2018, Dummer released his debut album, The Work Vol. 1, on February 8, 2019; his debut single Enough received sufficient radio play to appear for 26 weeks on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart.

Elias Dummer
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