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24min   |   English   |  Igal Hecht

Avery Florence is a soft-soul artist whose talent as a songwriter is matched with her angelic yet gritty voice, and undeniable personality - soulful & inspiring. Avery's descriptive songs and enticing voice captivate audiences, as she paints a picture so vivid you can’t help but see yourself within it; bridging the current to some distant memory in your own life.


Following the release of her debut album, January, Avery sold out her first tour through North America. Living between Toronto/Montreal lends to her collaborative abilities exploring different genres. Recent collaborations include: Woke Up This Morning, an electronic track off Pineo & Loeb's album LIFE BLOOD and Faded Into Light, accompanied by an empowering music video following fire-spinning children in Cambodia.

Avery Florence
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