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24min   |   English   |  Igal Hecht

Anthony Sawyers is a Christian rapper from Brampton, Ontario, who has been making hip-hop music since 2014. Anthony tells it like it is in the form of quick flows and hard-hitting catchy songs with an energy that will allow you to be certain that he’s bragging about someone greater than himself. Anthony’s proudest moment was opening for Flame in 2018 and opening for Dream Junkies during their Toronto tour date. He is also grateful for selling 100 physical copies of his debut EP Room Full Of Heroes in its first week.


Anthony is one of the freshest young voices in Canadian hip hop, known to spit mind-bending turns of phrase in a precocious flow that’s somehow both humble and cocksure.His lyrics drip with hard-fought wisdom, gleaned from the peaks and valleys of life in his home city of Brampton, Ontario, and artfully placed over bone-rattling beats. Sawyers is deeply attuned to the lessons that spring from success and failure, happiness and heartache. But he is also the first to tell you these lessons are often visible only in hindsight.

Anthony Sawyers
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